For Investors

To hear a replay of the Investor Conference call, please click the link below.

2019 Northridge Investor Conference Call 03-19.mp3


Every Investor is looking for a safe investment with the highest potential for success. At Northridge Holdings, we’ve consistently delivered just such a mix for over 47 years, despite market swings and economic downturns.

How do we do it? What makes Northridge different? Real estate is our vehicle: we offer investors limited partnerships in multi-unit properties. But the real magic is in our method. Our disciplined purchase strategy selects only those properties uniquely poised for profit potential. With trusted bank and broker relationships, we’re able to strike successfully when opportunities arise. The process then becomes one of cost-effective management and facility improvement, increasing property value and maximizing monthly income. The end result? Our consistent track record of returns speaks for itself.

At Northridge, we’re also known for the personal attention we give to our investors’ portfolios. The flexibility and sophisticated menu of options we offer is truly unique in the industry.